Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Expert Lawyer in Canada

Intellectual Properties are key differentiating factors and one of the most important variables in the success of any business in this very competitive market of Canada. IP Assets can set you apart from the competition and help you succeed in the market.

Intellectual Property of any business includes the business name, trademarks, logos, recipes, licenses, patents of products or processes, etc.

Castlemore’s expert lawyers of Intellectual Property Law of Canada will help you with trademark registration, business name registration, patent application, etc.

As your business develops, you will hope to ensure your advancements and skill. Dissecting your serious space is additionally basic. That is the place where we come in with giving assessments in regards to your opportunity to work and the patentability of your creations.

We work with customers going from solo innovators and new companies to worldwide enterprises. We additionally work with schools, colleges and government research organizations.